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Roughneck Beard Company

Hey, guys! Thanks for coming to check out ROUGHNECK Beard Company. We’re glad to have you here!

I’m Brad from St Louis, MO. I’m a full-time musician, full-time dad, and the founder of ROUGHNECK Beard Company.
I’ve had a beard of some sort since about 17, but I never really gave it my all because of patchy spots and whatnot (explained more in the story below). Then, 5 or 6 years ago, as many of you have likely done, I decided to go for it all the way and I just stopped shaving. Super liberating. I’m razor free for over 5 years.

I love beard culture. The charitable nature of it all is what I’m all about. As a musician, I’m always giving away pieces of myself to make people happy and that’s honestly what makes me happy as well. You’ll never meet a better group of dudes than you will at some of these regional beard events. It was enough to inspire a passion. I’m now on the founders, and current president of BAMSTL – Beards and Mustaches of St. Louis. I’ve attended over 75 regional beard competitions and the passion is only growing.  I guess it’s safe to say I’m about that beard life.

The beard… It’s something we earn as we age. Some get theirs sooner than others, some may get theirs much later. Either way, it’s an accomplishment that we as men can all share in. It’s a right of passage. A milestone.

As bearded gentlemen, I feel there is a certain need to hold ourselves to a set standard:

– First and foremost, we must encourage GROWTH IN ALL THINGS. That’s our motto, and as bearded men we are the hands-down picture of growth, and we must exemplify that.

– We must bring an end to preconceived notions and stereotypes.

– We must set an example of proud beard culture.

– We must welcome and guide other men to their beards without ridicule or shame.

– We must show the world that our beards are a symbol of strength and confidence.

Unfortunately, we all suffer from the same growth issues on our way to that full bearded glory:

Wiry beards, tangly beards, itchy beards, and the oh-so dreaded “beardruff”, among others. I see more men give up on what could one day be an amazing beard because it doesn’t grow evenly, or it’s too itchy, or the wife/girlfriend says it’s scratchy, etc. Too many unnecessary reasons to bail on the beard.

Confidence plays in here a great bit too. When beards don’t grow in evenly, unbearded men quit on ’em, slightly unshaven men shave, and half-bearded men lose faith in the project.

Also, bearded men continue to be victims of societal stereotypes. Assumed lazy, dirty, unkempt, gruff.

Well, it’s a new day for beards and we’re working together to fix that problem. There are many who came before us who have made great strides in absolutely crushing the stereotypes surrounding bearded men. We’re here to do our part as well.

Here begins the tale of ‘The Man Who Made Beard Oils’:

My beard sucked. Bad. I got tired of the wiry, scraggly hair. It was itchy. It grows reddish. It didn’t grow steadily. I hit a hard beard brick wall. I’m a musician and a dad, and I couldn’t take pride in the perception my beard was giving off. It wasn’t representing ME.

A friend suggested that I try beard oils, so I did. They could have told me to try rattlesnake venom and I probably would have. I was down for whatever, as long as it ended in the magical land of Bearddom. I tried a lot of different brands of but I just couldn’t find one that performed the way I thought a good oil should. When you’re shelling out up to $30 for a tiny bottle of oil, you want it to be a miracle tonic, and it just wasn’t.

Maybe it’s all BS, maybe I just didn’t try the right brands, I honestly don’t know, but in the end I decided to make my own. I researched oils for what must have been 8 months, carefully selecting and finding American sources for the highest quality and most beneficial oils I could find. I tried several different blends before I found the one my beard was begging me for, but I finally nailed it. And I’ll be damned if it didn’t do the trick. I knew the first time I brushed it through my beard, this was it.

My beard is now fuller, darker, and growing strong. It’s the beard that I always knew I had in me, and given time, it’s going to be one of those EPIC beards. There’s a lot of science, and some art, behind it but I won’t bore you with that stuff (moisture, triglycerides, fatty acids, stimulation, etc… you get it.). My friends and family think I’m a “beard-eccentric”. Nice.

People kept asking me what I used and begging me to bottle them some…

So, here I am. I’m crazy passionate about beards now. Who knew? I want to share what I’ve learned and experienced. I want you guys to have beautiful beards.

I’m a firm believer in the saying “you’re not selling a drill, you’re selling a hole.” I didn’t set out to sell beard oils. I set out to find my own righteous beard. Now I’m out to create a culture of proud and confident men. I’m out to promote and inspire growth, in all things. As cheesy as that all sounds, I’m just damn passionate about good beards and good people.

Now, we’ve sold over 10,000 bottles of beard oil. We’ve shipped to all 50 states, and over 65 countries.  Our products are sold in shops all over the world, and we only have you, the customer, to thank for spreading the gospel!  I take a lot of pride in knowing that my efforts are going to be reflected in your brilliant beards.

I continue my research daily and am so proud to offer this line of beard oils, balms, waxes, and sprays to you.  Onward, to a better beard!

My name is Brad, and I formulate, blend, pour, mix, bottle, package, and personally use Roughneck Beard Company oils, balms, soaps, and waxes.

My beard loves me for it, and so will yours. I guarantee it.

-Brad Jackson, Founder of ROUGHNECK Beard Company