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Between all of the beard oil and wax companies already in business and new ones starting everyday, it’s no wonder that a lot of you have asked me, “How do I know which one to buy?”

Well, and I’ll be the first to tell you, that’s hard to answer.

I have tons of respect for all of my bearded brothers, so I won’t tell you to use ROUGHNECK products over someone else’s and I won’t tell you that our products are better or their’s are worse. Like our motto says, it’s about growth, in all things. We’re not here to trash the competition.

But here’s what I will tell you: Before founding ROUGHNECK Beard Company, I tried a ton of different products, but I just wasn’t seeing the promised results. I got frustrated. So I went to work learning how to make my own. I researched for months, choosing the best oils for shine, health, growth, fullness, curling, straightening, smoothing, etc. Wet oils, dry oils, scents, and I still continue to learn new things. I make all of these products by hand in small batches. Mustache wax, soaps, oils, batter. I’m like a bearded pioneer housewife!

I source the highest quality oils to use in my blends. There’s a lot of low quality, cheap oil out there. Think about when you go to the grocery store to buy vegetable or olive oil. The price range is huge because quality matters. This is also true for essential oils. I’ve noticed that some of the start-up companies are using cheap fragrance oils in their blends, which aren’t actually safe to use on skin! I did my homework to make sure we only use the highest quality, skin-safe essential oils, and we make our scented blends using only these. You’re buying these products to reduce discomfort, not to irritate your face!

The point is, I don’t want to take shortcuts on my own face. I want an amazing beard, just like you.

I began to use my own oils and saw immediate results. A shinier, healthier, fuller beard with less itch and dry skin. I even put together a formula that speeds up growth! The scents last all day, and the benefits don’t stop. It was then that my friends started asking me to bottle it for them as well, and wasn’t long after that I decided to open the company.

I’m so proud of these products. I use them myself everyday. I stand behind every product we offer 100%, and I believe that shows in my products.

If you’re unsure what to use, drop us a line. We know beards. Ask any questions. We’re here to help.

And give us a try. I promise you won’t regret it.

This isn’t a side job or a niche hobby, I’m committed to taking this company as far as it can go. I’m that confident about my products.

Join us, share with us, and be a part of it all. We may be a young company, but we’re here to stay.

Beard on, brothers!

Brad Jackson
ROUGHNECK Beard Company

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