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As our quest continues to profile popular beardsmen that exemplify the values that we hold dear at ROUGHNECK Beard Company, we got together with Taylor Gehring, aka Beardimus Maximus, to talk with him about the charitable nature of his bearding career.

Taylor Gehring was born and raised in Fredericksburg, VA.  He is well known in the bearded community for his righteous face sweater, but also for his active role in the community, taking part in many charity events and raising a veritable eff-ton of money for some great organizations.  He is indeed a bearded philanthropist.  It all started when his wife asked him to shave, and Taylor took to Facebook to gather support.  After an overwhelming response, Taylor’s beard was safe and he had officially become a part of the bearded community.

We asked Beardimus to tell us the story of how he put his beard to work for charity:

“I came to realize that my beard gets lots of attention.  It gets compliments, nasty looks, advice, laughter, and many other types of comments.  After realizing this, I decided to give my beard a name and use it’s powers for good.  Thus, Beardimus Maximus was born.  My main goal is to raise money for charities that help children in Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas as well as nationwide!”

So far, he and his chin curtains have raised over $90,000 for charity.

Beardimus Maximus is an active member of the competitive bearding community, traveling all across the country to compete in and judge events, rally support for his charities, and even doing a bit of public speaking.  Between his charitable contributions, competitive bearding, and a soon-to-be debuted television show on a major cable network, this is one busy beard.

In short, Beardimus Maximus is a true beardsman.  An everyman with a beard and a big heart.


ROUGHNECK Beard Company salutes Beardimus Maximus for his work in promoting proud beardsmen everywhere!

Here are some of the charities and events he sponsors:

Children’s Miracle Network

Children’s National Medical Center

Rappahannock Area YMCA

The Three Beardsmen online TV show

The Bells and Beards National Campaign

Salvation Army

Owen Lea Foundation

Check in on Taylor aka Beardimus Maximus, and keep track of his charity quest on Facebook and at

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