Bearded Brothers: Honkytonk Proud, the Beard of Cody Jinks

///Bearded Brothers: Honkytonk Proud, the Beard of Cody Jinks

Texas musician Cody Jinks is one of ROUGHNECK Beard Company’s favorite bearded brothers.  Tearing up the roads with his signature honkytonk sound and a definitive punk rock attitude,
Cody has been everywhere and seen it all.  Formerly the front-man for Fort Worth thrash-metal act Unchecked Aggression, he’s now making moves in the smokey, neon-lit landscape that is the worldwide honkytonk scene.

“I grew up with country music, with some rock ‘n’ roll mixed in, and I came back to it,” Jinks told the Fort Worth Weekly, and he sure has.  Whiskey-soaked melodies akin to that of Waylon Jennings or Merle Haggard (mixed with a touch of Gram Parsons) cut through the nonsense of modern day country music.  With Cody Jinks, what you see is exactly what you get.  No apologies.

Backed by the Tonedeaf Hippies, an amazing group of incredibly talented and like-minded musicians, Jinks has put together a sound like no other, while staying true to the roots of real American music.

We asked Cody to say a few words about that righteous face sweater he’s been putting together.  Cody, ever the keynote speaker, has the following to say:

Why I have a big ol’ beard: By Cody Jinks
Let’s start with a list of badasses that sport a killer beard.

Abe Lincoln
Willie Nelson
The Most Interesting Man In The World
Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill (ZZ Top)
William Lee Golden
Uncle Charlie
Whitey Morgan
Phil Hamilton
Santa Clause
Jesus and God (according to the illustrated children’s Bible)
And too many others to list.

Also, folks sporting an awesome face bush are like folks that wear Chuck Taylor’s.
There’s a chance they may not be cool, but I doubt it.”

Wise, wise words.

Big thanks to Cody and the boys for supporting ROUGHNECK Beard Company and being proud bearded brothers!




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