BEARDED BROTHERS: The Road Warrior Beard of Lucero’s Brian Venable

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Welcome to the July edition of Bearded Brothers, our effort to highlight awesome, influential dudes that wear a mean face sweater.  This time around we talked with none other than Brian Venable, bearded gentleman supreme and lead guitarist for one of our favorite bands: LUCERO.

LUCERO got their start as a band in Memphis in 1998 and was once called by, “one of the hardest working bands of the last 10 years—on tour significantly more days than they are not.”  Their signature sound, driven mostly by Brian’s unique classic country inspired riffs and the one-of-a-kind vocals of frontman Ben Nichols, has become a staple in the Roots/Americana movement.  Releasing 10 albums/EPs between 2000 and 2013, they’ve developed that signature sound into something both familiar and groundbreaking, and their constantly expanding fanbase has responded with loyalty and admiration for over a decade.  They’ve been around for as long as you can remember, and it doesn’t seem that they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

LUCERO is currently signed to ATO Records, the label founded by Dave Matthews and current home to acts such as My Morning Jacket, Dawes, Alabama Shakes, and Drive-By Truckers.


Aside from his music life, Brian is a proud father, husband, and generally rad dude, and though Brian obviously loves music in most forms, he stresses often that playing music on the road is a job just like any other.  “I love playing music, we all love playing.  I mean, it’s a job, too, ya know?  How do you get the motivation to go to work every day?  Part of it’s artistic, but it’s just what you do.  And what we do is play music.”, he once told

Brian currently plays somewhere between 150 and 200 shows with Lucero every year across the US and Canada, and several abroad.  Catch him out there at one of their upcoming shows!


Aside from his music life, Brian is a proud father, husband, and generally rad dude.

We asked Brian a few questions about his bearded life.  Here’s what he had to say:

How long have you been a beardo?

I have worn a beard more or less since 1994, my friend Katie went on a cross country trip and I quit shaving for the whole month she was gone!  I don’t really know why, I guess it looked cool and I didn’t have to shave anymore!

Do you tend to identify more with bearded men?  If so, who is your bearded inspiration?

There was a picture in a book of photos by Chrissy Piper of some bearded fella and I thought “Hell yeah, I need to grow it out a little longer and keep it that way.  I don’t really identify more with beardos vs regular guys.   My wife thinks it’s weird that it’s really dudes growing

[beards] for other dudes!

Do you have a beard grooming routine?

Not really, I wash it when I take showers and comb it every once in awhile.

Give me a random insight into bearded life.

Um… I think that dudes with beards probably brush their teeth less than guys who don’t have beards because in the end the longer your beard, the lazier you probably are!

Hey now, we work hard to end that lazy beard stereotype!  By the way, have you seen my toothbrush anywhere?
Brian Venable, we’re proud to have you as a bearded brother!  Thanks for the talks!

Keep track of Brian and Lucero on the band’s website and make sure to catch them in your town when they come!



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