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Growth, in all things. As the epitome of growth, beards are often the first impression. We believe that to make the best impression on the world, that beard should represent YOU. We believe that every man should have the tools they need to reach their own beard excellence, and the confidence to grow personally, alongside their facial hair. Itchy, dry, and patchy beards are a problem that no man should have to live with in order to be bearded and proud.

Beards have always, historically, been a sign of strength and confidence and thus we groom them well to send the message with pride!

ROUGHNECK Beard Company uses locally sourced (as often as possible), 100% all-natural, and organic ingredients combined with a fine-tuned balance of science and art to pack the most beard benefit into each of our premium products. We are facial hair pros.  We know beards and mustaches in and out, and we offer that knowledge to you via these products, in hopes that every beard and beard-to-be will find the tools for the job readily available.

Beard on, brothers!


Legendary Beardsmen Collection

These 3 new blends channel the scents experienced throughout the histories of manliness.

Be warned: These scents will create the need for spontaneous adventure.  Use frequently for maximum life awesomeness.

Beard Batter

ROUGHNECK Beard Batter is the perfect after-wash solution.  Rub a dime size glob through your mane after a shower and let the shea butter and hemp seed oil go to work, replacing that lost moisture.  Prevents itching and dryness.

BeardStrong Balm - 3 Scents!

Made with a perfect balance of refined shea butter, our signature blend of carrier oils, and white, organic beeswax.   Apply to a damp beard and immediately feel the conditioning at work.  Holds all day, and has amazing long term benefit. Available in 3 scents!

Show Us Your Beard

We love to see beards of all shapes and sizes.  Email us your beard shot and we will put it on our website.